Saturday, November 21, 2009


I just saw that the slide show below is missing all the captions. The building is our apartment (ours is the bottom floor you see, though there is actually another apartment underneath us around the back. The road scenes are our walk to school, International College. There are also pictures of our Halloween party with new Lebanese friends from school. Cheers!

And we have contact!

The Essex family now has internet in the home! So, voila, les photos de notre vie au Liban! Here are some initial photos taken at the start of our time here. It's November now, and it still looks the same. No more grapes on the vines, but just as many flowers and sunshine. We are on our third blooming of roses around our apartment. It's lovely, which helps heal the nostalgic aches for home.
We are going to a neighbor's house tomorrow to learn how to make arak, the national drink. Everyone has a grape vine in the garden or on their roof, and if they don't eat all of the grapes, they use them to make vinegar or this hard alcohol that's mixed with anis seeds. Hey, when in Rome . . .