Wednesday, August 5, 2009


We are pleased to announce the sorta kinda official start to our Beirut adventure, complete with blog documentation. However, we moved out of our permanent housing over a month ago and have been numerous places since, so we should say the adventure is well underway. Like the daily adventure of: naming the town you are waking up in, finding the keys to that borrowed car, and mentally retracing your steps to your child's favorite pair of socks. Hemingway said Paris was a moveable feast, but he never lived with the Essex's . . .


  1. Yay! A way to stay connected to you.
    Always missing you. Stay in touch and enjoy the adventure!

  2. This is great. I am so impressed!! Miss you! Kelly

  3. Hi Susan,
    Blog me in, a clever way to keep in touch.
    We had Hemingway over the other day. What a grump, not one to hunt for children's socks. Quite the opposite.

    Wasn't it he who said the best thing he wrote was a six-word piece; 'For sale, baby's shoes. Never worn'?

    So when he did have children's apparel, he'd sell it. For booze, probably.

    XXX to all, I'm off to pour myself a whiskey chilled with ice cubes made from Elsa and Rosa's tears. Damn it.


  4. Thanks so much for painting such a vibrant picture of your life as it is now!!! FVS is not the same without you but we are so thrilled that you and your family are taking this incredible adventure!We will live for updates and my best to Eamon and the children. Laura Maher Essex

  5. Thanks for inviting us to your blog. Guess we missed our chance to visit you in Colorado. I don't think we can get to Beirut anytime soon. Please let us know how this happened! Have a lovely time and keep the updates coming! In sh' allah.
    Love, Mark and Sarah, Elizabeth, Noah and Mary on the way

  6. Thanks for updating us on your adventures! I thought you would end up in England! Beirut!! What a change. I have heard that it is beautiful. Since we were last in touch, we have had an exciting change too and are now in Crested Butte for the year. It is great to be back in the mountains. Keep in touch. Robin, Fred, Graham and Brice

  7. How wonderful you'll be updating us on your adventures through the blog!!! We miss you. Alfie just shot his film/thesis. He brought his whole film crew to Colorado. He shot the film in Gardner. He's about to graduate in December. Woo hooo!!!
    Duke and Pat were also part of the Colorado crew. Keep updating your blog so we follow your adventures. Love... much love....