Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Growing Season

The cold winter rains have passed here in Lebanon.  While we rubbed the sleep out of our eyes and finished our last long yawn, spring crept through every crevice.  Now the signs of all things new have pushed out into every open space.  Lebanon has an uncanny ability to grow what you would not expect.  On my walk this morning I discovered "birds of paradise" flowers, new roses, fruit trees in varying colors of blooms, wild cyclamen, rosemary, blankets of wildflowers, yellow mimosa trees, and one of my favorites, wisteria vines.  As I descended windy stairs from one level of our village to the next, I passed each house's garden with peppers, cabbage, and onions.  It's only March!
My amazement finds its root in the earth these plants use for nourishment.  We live on a mountain of rock, with only a shallow covering of clay and stones to serve as soil for growing.  The plants grow almost in spite of what they are planted in.  Is it any different with the soil of my soul?  I give the Lord poor earth, full of the rocks of sin, and I provide slimy mud when he delivers his sweet rain.  Yet he brings forth such life that I do not deserve.  He grows blessings of sweet scent and color with little encouragement from the life they have entered.  He continues his active work of creation as pure gift, with no connection to my worthiness.  My only work is to make my life an act of gratitude for what He has created, and wow, I have a long way to go!

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